We wish it wasn’t true. You put hours, days, weeks, months or even years making something you and everyone else enjoys. You spend all your spare time working hard, producing something to the highest standard. Just for someone to come along and destroy all of your hard work.

Pirates. Not the ones with eyepatches, either. Pirates take your work and distribute it as their own. It doesn’t matter if it’s finished or unfinished, they’ll do anything to boost their own personal gain.

I was affected by piracy. Months and months of research and hard work went into my repaints for OMSI 2. It doesn’t help that I don’t concentrate well either, so it took a lot of effort to finish whatever I started. For one repaint, I travelled hundreds of miles, just so I could get a feel of what the livery is like in real life, just because photos can be discoloured, blurry and don’t give enough detail in my experience. I’ve created around 100 repaints in my time, only a few have been released. This costs time and money. Lots of money.

For someone to come along and use my work as their own, it was heartbreaking. All of my time and effort went into my work. Another kick in the teeth was that they were getting more recognition and praise for their work. It affected me so badly that production of my repaints became slower and slower as I just lost interest. After many battles, I gave up fighting the pirates. The piracy combined with a lot of drama in the OMSI community saw me leave the whole game completely. That’s where piracy forced one of the best repainters to quit, meaning less high quality content is being introduced to OMSI.

I don’t make a living from creating my content. However, some people do. Those people have houses, food and bills to pay. When someone pirates and distributes their work, they lose money. Not just a handful of people download these pirated copies either. A developer could lose hundreds or thousands of pounds through piracy, and that’s where their personal problems begin. They may not be able to afford to lose that money, after all, they’re reliant on it. It’s not just their own personal lives the money pays for either, it goes into developing their content. More content to make the games we know and love bigger, better and more enjoyable. If there’s no money to pay for this, then there’s another developer gone. Developers don’t just get affected financially, it could cause mental health issues if it becomes too overwhelming for them.

Please support those who legitimately produce content for games. 
Always pay for payware content. You may think it’s a good thing downloading a pirated copy, but is it for the developer?
Download from reputable sites such as Fellowsfilm, UKTrainSim, Steam and official websites of payware developers (that’s Armstrong Powerhouse, Just Trains etc). The support and recognition goes to the correct people then.
Report those who are distributing or plying for pirated content. Find the original creator and let them know straight away.
Support the true creators, tell them how good their content is and how you enjoy using it. If there’s something not right, let them know politely and they’ll work on it to make it better for everyone.

Remember, everyone loses when you download or distribute pirated content.

~ TangoSierra ~