Because of Max-specification Enviro400 7513 (NK57 GXF), based at Ashington depot, being involved in a collision on the A1 and subsequently being withdrawn, Arriva had to quickly source a replacement vehicle.

ADL Enviro400 LJ56 VTL, formerly with Abellio London as their 9409, was purchased from Ensignbus. This was then repainted into Arriva’s Sapphire livery before receiving 7513’s components such as seats (still adorning Max logos!) and Hanover display equipment. This gives the bus a very unique interior, especially with the previous owner’s red and grey floors!

Despite it being in Sapphire livery, it isn’t used on Sapphire routes, nor does it have any of your usual Sapphire features such as USB charging or next-stop announcements.

Download it here!